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Vintage Items Worth Pawning

Who knew that an old shift dress, cassette player, cassettes themselves and other items you have lying around the house could be worth something? If you are cleaning out your home and have a bunch of vintage items you no longer want, consider pawning them before sending them to the thrift store or garbage can. You may be able to make some decent cash out of your old belongings.

The following items are back in style again and may be worth something. Dust off these vintage belongings and take them to your local pawn shop to see if you can make a profit on them.

Vintage Electronics

Record players, classic radios, portable CD players and even retro boom boxes are all the rage among "hipsters" and other vintage enthusiasts. Classic video game consoles and arcade games are also gaining popularity among fans of certain eras. So don't be afraid to gather up your outdated electronics and try to make some money off them.

Even if your electronics don't work, if they can be easily repaired and are in appealing aesthetic condition, they may still be worth something to a pawn-shop dealer.

The best way to find out what your items are worth is to take them into a pawn shop for evaluation. Ask for individual values first, then see if selling your items in bulk will give you a greater profit.

Vintage Furniture

Your grandma's old couch that has been gathering dust in your attic can be worth something to a retro-loving person, especially if it's made of interesting material like the 1970s velvet or the plush fabric from the 1950s.

Oak furniture is trending and so are accent chairs from decades ago. Rather than letting those items continue to deteriorate in your garage, basement or attic, take them to your pawn shop broker so that someone else can make treasures of these desired furnishings.

Vintage Clothing and Jewelry

Old costume jewelry, including clip on earrings, as well as vintage band t-shirts are sought after by trendsetters. Other items making a comeback are oversized sunglasses, vintage and heirloom scarves, retro belts and platform shoes.

Clean out your closet and see if you have any vintage clothing that you probably won’t wear again. Look for signs of wear that may need to be repaired at your local Laundromat, such as ripped seams, stains, moth-eaten collars and other signs of distress. Your pawn-shop broker will want to examine your vintage clothing pieces in their finest condition so they can offer you the best price for them.

Before You Pawn

Now that you know that vintage treasures are back in style, you need to decide which items you want to pawn and which you'd like to keep for your own use. Anything you want to pawn should be tested for working parts and cleaned thoroughly so brand names, logos and imagery can be easily seen and then these items will be ready for display.

Research all your vintage items before taking them to a pawn shop so you have a general idea of what they are currently worth. Your pawn-shop broker will be able to give you a fair price and you can negotiate for the best deal.

Your vintage items may be worth something, and your local pawn shop can be the perfect place to make some cash. Talk to your pawn shop broker about the type of items they are looking for so you know what to seek out in your own home. At Tri-City Pawn Inc you can expect a fair deal from our brokers. Come and see what we have to offer today.


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