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Undeniable Reasons to Pawn Your Old Jewelry

Taking old jewelry to the pawnshop and walking out with cash can seem ideal at first glance. Who doesn't want or need money? It's a form of power in modern society. If you have old jewelry that is simply collecting dust, causing you angst, and you no longer treasured, why keep it around the house? Consider these reasons for taking your old jewelry to your local pawnshop.

Reason #1: You Can Replace It With the Jewelry You Love 

You don't have to dislike jewelry to realize that it's time to part with jewelry from your past by taking it to the pawnshop. If you take in jewelry from yesterday, the pawnshop will give you cash that you can spend on new jewelry that makes you happy. For example, an old cameo may make you think of the 1800's, but the cash you get from it can be spent on a trendy piece.
Fads may come and go, but modern jewelry pieces may make a statement that better represents what you want to say when you wear them. Pawning a single valuable piece of old jewelry may provide you with enough funds to cover an entirely new set. Also, if you have rings but prefer necklaces, pawning the rings can let you buy the necklaces you'd prefer to wear.

Reason #2: You Can Get Easy and Immediate Funds 

Going to a pawnshop is easy! So, is the selling process at most pawnshops. You can simply take your jewelry in, and the pawnshop owner or manager will assess the items you present. You will then be offered a healthy percentage of what your jewelry is worth, and you can access the money immediately. There's no struggle to find a buyer or further work to sell the jewelry.
Just why doesn't the pawnshop offer the full value of the jewelry? Well, the pawnshop has to make a profit of some kind to stay afloat. Also, the pawnshop workers who may make the offer have to consider what they will be able to sell the items for in the store, or what they will need to do to sell your item elsewhere and potentially melt it down.

Reason #3: You May Find That Letting Go of the Past Can Be Freeing 

If you have jewelry left over from a broken engagement or divorce, it can be tempting to hang on to it for sentimental reasons. However, the jewelry can end up just sitting there and serve only as a bittersweet reminder. It can also keep you emotionally tied to memories that you would rather not revisit. Selling it at a pawnshop can be a way of declaring your freedom from the past.
If the only connection you have to your old jewelry is that it was inherited, it may still be time to let go of the past. You don't have to hang on to items you inherit from relatives to keep their memory alive. While jewelry may have brought them joy, it doesn't necessarily do the same to you. Times have changed, and you may be happier letting the jewelry go and accessing the cash.

Reason #4: You Can Shop Where You Sell 

When you take your jewelry to a pawnshop, you can do some shopping while you're there. You can purchase things that you want, and you can even find jewelry for less at a pawnshop. Whether you want to buy jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, or other fun items, you can shop immediately after you get your cash.
Finally, if any, some, or all of these reasons resonate with you, it may be time to visit your local pawnshop. Tri-City Pawn, Inc. is a trusted, reputable pawnshop in Southern California, that can offer you a fair price on old jewelry that you no longer want. You can turn leftover jewelry from the past into cash to spend on making happy memories in the present. That's a win-win situation!


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