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How to Prepare Your Items for Pawning or Selling at a Pawn Shop

When you have items around your home, you no longer use, pawning or selling them at your local pawn shop is a great solution. A pawn shop will give you cash for the items you wish to sell, or a reasonable cash loan for the items you want to pawn but get back into your possession when you pay the funds back.

To get the best price for the belongings you wish to take to a pawn shop, you want to prepare your items beforehand. Here are the things you need to do so you present your pawn or sell-worthy belongings in a positive way to your pawn shop dealer.

Have Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

Jewelry pieces are one of the most popular items people pawn or sell in pawn shops. The reason is simple: jewelry usually gets a decent return for the person who pawns it and also is a quick seller for the pawn shop dealer.

To present your gemstones and precious metals in the most favorable fashion, have each item professionally cleaned by your jeweler. A professional cleaning may include re-dipping faded white gold pieces, cleaning inside gemstone prongs and shining links until they gleam. Freshly cleaned jewelry gives the impression that your items are well cared for, which can give you a higher value appraisal by your pawn shop dealer when you are looking for cash.

Make Sure Electronics Work and Are Complete

A pawn shop isn't likely to be interested in electronics that don't work or have missing parts unless they are a high-commodity trending item (like video game consoles). Before taking any electronic item to a pawn shop, plug in the item and make sure it works fully. Use an air-powered dust cleaner (similar to ones used to clean computer keyboards) to remove dust and debris from small components.

If your electronics have data on them, such as pictures, saved files and videos, wipe memory areas clean. Make sure all cell phones, video game consoles, music players, speakers and other electronic items have the appropriate chargers with them when you take them to a pawn shop.

Sometimes an electronic piece of equipment works partially, which means it can still be of some value to a pawn shop owner. Explain to a pawn shop dealer what components aren't working on a device you wish to part with. In many cases, it may be worth it as well to repair small issues with electronic items before taking them to a pawn shop for the greatest return on your investment.

Launder All Clothing

Some pawn shops do take clothing, such as leather jackets, wedding dresses or major brand-name items. Launder all clothing pieces at a dry cleaning company and place each item in its wardrobe bag before taking it to a pawn shop. Clothing that has tears, small stains or other minor issues that can be repaired should be pointed out to your pawn shop dealer or fixed at your dry cleaners when you have them cleaned.

A pawn shop is an excellent place to both buy and sell quality items. If you are in a financial bind or simply want to make some money off the items that you no longer want or need, talk to your pawn shop dealer about the type of items they regularly accept.

Your pawn shop dealer will be able to negotiate a fair price for your belongings with you. They can also help you decide whether pawning or selling your items is your best option. Our friendly staff at Tri-City Pawn, Inc. can help you with your buying or pawning experience to make your transaction an easy one.


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